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Friday, November 6, 2015

Through the viewing of the morning...

Golden rays of sunlight are draping across the sky
While shadows of the evening are slowly passing by
Sounds of the waking bird-lets and the early morning rush
Are mingling with the hours that the new winds start to touch..

Rising up  each morning, I pause to meditate
And think of all the wonders that'll greet me before eight
I hear the ruffling branches and can see the stretching trees
All the morning's treasures are whispering through the breeze

Even the most quiet of things,  those things I cannot view
Are creeping into the sunlight that is quietly passing through
The tiniest little violets and the most hidden little mites
Are contributing to the atmosphere that amazes and delights..

So pause with me each morning and take some time to think
Of all the marvelous wonderfulness we are privileged to drink..
Through the viewing of the morning and its early breaking hours
We are receiving the supplements that inspire us and empowers..


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