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Friday, November 27, 2015

The field across the way vs. Black Friday...

The Heavens lowered their clouds today
They rested on a field across the way
A filtered mist of cloud and steam
Gave this day the appearance of a dream..

Today is the day that the people will run
To the stores and malls until they are  done
With shopping and buying and getting the deals
So my view has been disrupted by the racing of wheels...

While I ponder the beauty of this brand new day
People are already awakened and scrambling away
To the places they've chosen to run and to run
Black Friday is a ritual that has to be done..

Some of them have slept there right next to the store
Waiting for someone to come and open up the door
Wanting to be the victor to be the first one
Who pushes past the people like a champion who's won....

The silence is still speaking despite all of this
And my vision of the field still carries its bliss
Of peacefulness and serenity that money cannot buy
The shoppers will keep shopping but I'll touch the sky..

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