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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Oh the sadness ..

Too many are these outbreaks and these igniters  of the war
Striking out with a great cowardice in places where security is poor
If these were the great fighters and the great defenders of the divine
Why are they striking out from the darkness, where light doesn't shine?

These are the humanized forms of darkness that slither around the night
They claim to be doing justice but are really the enemies  of the light
Heartless in their slayings and the most brutal in their endeavor
These horrifically dressed terrorists will see the entrance to heaven: never

Crying out with a mighty voice they claim to be loyal to the Everlasting one
Yet who in all of the Heaven could ever condone anything they have done
An endless streams of tears have been falling from the eyes of our loving God
While angel beings pick up the brokenness these evil ones have left everywhere
    they have trod...

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