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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

In all our moments God has been..

Miracles, tiny miracles, happening each and every day
Without fanfare without warning God has sent them all our way
Just as needed, whenever needed: beautiful blessings we did see
From the angels,from the Heavens countless helps for you and me..

Can we count them as we see them wonderful signs of endless love..
In the peoples in the nations in the flowers that stretch above
Providence acting and reacting to the needs of one and all
Miracles happening and rehappening for the believer who chooses to call..

So we thank Him and we rethank Him each and every single day
But especially in these moment when we gather in this special way
To thank the Heavens and the Creator for the blessings we have seen
Lord, we thank You and we praise You: in all our moments You have been

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