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Monday, November 9, 2015

Early morning rains

Early morning rains are playing upon my window sill
I hear them as they dance: so soothing it is to heart and will
Oh the sound of rain: it's like an healing ointment on my mind
Peacefully it falls down and rests on everything it can find..

Splashing across the trees and playing upon the many plants
Softly falling rains invite the world to rise up and dance
Feel the rhythmic sounds and see the droplets as they fall
Every one of them is the same for they whisper out when they call

Feel the moistening flow: cooling droplets from the Heavens above
Touching us inside and echoing sentiments from the One Who is love
Providing  for us  night and day with an ever sparkling  flow
Of love and care and kindnesses which we have come to know

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