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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Beautiful bursts of sunlight

Beautiful bursts of sunlight
are invading my inner room
Dancing about my kitchen
and quickly starting to zoom
Touching the furniture and appliances
 and making it possible to see
How wonderful it is to witness
the Divine One's artistry

Speaking to all of the universe
and inviting us all to rise
The Creator of the cosmos
and the Holder of the skies
Will shower us with His blessings
 and enable us with His grace
So that we might be able to ponder
the Divine-ness in every place

We are the observers of this greatness
 and we are moved by all we see:
Who, in the face of all the oceans,
or in the midst of the tossing sea
Can doubt the Eternalness of the Maker
or question the power that is
In everything that is created
here on earth and beyond all the bliss

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