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Thursday, November 12, 2015

As the morning sunrise brightens up the sky

I am watching as the morning sunrise brightens up the sky
Behind the rush of the  commuters that keep on passing by
The whirling whiz of the vehicles that are going here and there
Are passing by the golden aura without a second to care...

I can hear the chirping sparrows that are serenading the day
Each one with their own sounding that sends the sorrows away
Oh the delicateness of the melodies that come from  birds so small
So many there are that will pass them without hearing them at all..

I can feel the earliest coolness that is seeping through the air
Its whispering the numerous messages that are circulating everywhere
In the lightness and in the breezes and in the gustiness of the wind
Eternity is saying " I love you's" over and over again..


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