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Friday, November 27, 2015

The field across the way vs. Black Friday...

The Heavens lowered their clouds today
They rested on a field across the way
A filtered mist of cloud and steam
Gave this day the appearance of a dream..

Today is the day that the people will run
To the stores and malls until they are  done
With shopping and buying and getting the deals
So my view has been disrupted by the racing of wheels...

While I ponder the beauty of this brand new day
People are already awakened and scrambling away
To the places they've chosen to run and to run
Black Friday is a ritual that has to be done..

Some of them have slept there right next to the store
Waiting for someone to come and open up the door
Wanting to be the victor to be the first one
Who pushes past the people like a champion who's won....

The silence is still speaking despite all of this
And my vision of the field still carries its bliss
Of peacefulness and serenity that money cannot buy
The shoppers will keep shopping but I'll touch the sky..

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Let us be grateful...

Today is the  day when all across  our land
We gather together and join hand in hand
To thank the creator for blessing us  here
With Laughter and happiness and cups of good cheer

We have them the offerings from places on high
The  graces, the blessings, the elements and sky
With all that is needed and all that we've got
We should become thankful though sometimes we're not

The gathering of people in the homes all around
Remind us of the blessings and the gifts that abound
The giving and  the taking and the sharing of love
Are signs of the outpouring of the One up above...

So much to be thankful for and so much to recall
God has been so gracious and so kind to us all
The sheltering and the caring and the food that we  eat
Come from the bounty of the One we shall meet...

Happy Thanksgiving...let us be grateful..

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

In all our moments God has been..

Miracles, tiny miracles, happening each and every day
Without fanfare without warning God has sent them all our way
Just as needed, whenever needed: beautiful blessings we did see
From the angels,from the Heavens countless helps for you and me..

Can we count them as we see them wonderful signs of endless love..
In the peoples in the nations in the flowers that stretch above
Providence acting and reacting to the needs of one and all
Miracles happening and rehappening for the believer who chooses to call..

So we thank Him and we rethank Him each and every single day
But especially in these moment when we gather in this special way
To thank the Heavens and the Creator for the blessings we have seen
Lord, we thank You and we praise You: in all our moments You have been

Sunday, November 22, 2015

All the earth is weeping, crying.......

All the earth is weeping,  crying..
At the sound of children dying.
Fighting, warring,  bombs all bursting:
For the violence some are thirsting...

We the enders and  employers
Of the ones who are destroyers?
Shifting people,  entering nations:
With  intent of suicide stations

How to handle it, how to discern it:
Who's the violent and the legitimate?
Oh the problems and  the heartbreak;
Choosing wrongly brought bad intake...

Seeking wisdom,  seeking insight
Into an era of  terrifying blood fight
Who is helping and who is destroying
What type of visions are we employing???

Saturday, November 21, 2015

My banner of me-ness

I stood in the mirror and I started to cry
I found myself questioning, questioning why
Why am I so different: not like him or her
He is so wealthy and she is so secure

Then in an instant in a blink of an eye
All the aha moments fell down from the sky
I heard in my being and I heard in my heart
I am my own masterpiece and I'm going to start

Becoming that person I'm destined to be
Not letting society define what is me...
For deep  in my being and etched in my soul
Are all of the blueprints for my final goal

I'll follow them intently and radiate them  out
Everything that's hopeful and worthy of shout
No longer the victim of a comparative world
I will carry my banner of me-ness unfurled..

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The raindrops keep falling...

The raindrops keep falling down day after day
Soothing their rhythm but watery their way
Drenching and soaking and pouring from skies
These tiny little sprinklets bring tears to my eyes

Hear them their music is calling me within:
"We'll be your refreshment again and again
The moistening and cooling and dampness we bring
Are the delight of the plantlets and hope for the spring"

Walk out and catch them the droplets that fall
Feel them the atoms and molecules and all
Creating the newness in everything they touch
The rain drops are saying that God loves us much.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Let me stop just a moment..

Let me stop just a moment to hear all of the noises
Everything  that is moving and that without voices
Let me touch all the plantlets and the flowers and the trees
And feel every movement of the wind and the breeze

Let me hush up my activities and calm down my emotions
And slow down  my thinking and all of my commotions
Let me hear all of the unhearable and witness the visions
Hidden from the active and more valuable than riches...

Oh to touch what is touchless and see what is unseeable
And to  hear what is unspoken and to  know what is agreeable
Let me inhale all of the goodness that around me is waiting
And  take part in the wisdom that is apart from all debating..

Monday, November 16, 2015

In everything I can see the beautifulness

I can see the beautifulness and I can see the radiance
Coming out of  the sunrise and out of all of the elements
There's so much to be thankful for; so much that I can see
I can see the gifts of God and they are all calling out to me

There are all the winged ones and there are the crawling ones
All kinds of flowering trees and  every water form  that runs
In all of the entire universe and in all of the cosmos that are
I can hear that sounding voice of the One who is never really  too far

Oh the sound of the soundless ones and the cry of those who never cry
In the recesses of my inner beingness and  in the clouds that pass me by
Are echoes from the Eternal One and  echoes from the One who loves us all
Calling me back to that time when everything was about responding to His call

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The frost of Fall

The frost has fallen on the ground
And sparkling crystals roam around
Touching trees and grass and plants
With a chill that stops their dance

See the coldness feel the air
Icy vapors rise like prayer
Birds of warmer weather fly
To southern states without goodbye

Still around with coats of black
The crows and ravens never pack
For they're happy where they are
If they're near or if they're far..

So the silence of this time
Moves my heart to song and rhyme
Painting picture with my words
Capturing sights and songs of birds

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Oh the sadness ..

Too many are these outbreaks and these igniters  of the war
Striking out with a great cowardice in places where security is poor
If these were the great fighters and the great defenders of the divine
Why are they striking out from the darkness, where light doesn't shine?

These are the humanized forms of darkness that slither around the night
They claim to be doing justice but are really the enemies  of the light
Heartless in their slayings and the most brutal in their endeavor
These horrifically dressed terrorists will see the entrance to heaven: never

Crying out with a mighty voice they claim to be loyal to the Everlasting one
Yet who in all of the Heaven could ever condone anything they have done
An endless streams of tears have been falling from the eyes of our loving God
While angel beings pick up the brokenness these evil ones have left everywhere
    they have trod...

Thursday, November 12, 2015

As the morning sunrise brightens up the sky

I am watching as the morning sunrise brightens up the sky
Behind the rush of the  commuters that keep on passing by
The whirling whiz of the vehicles that are going here and there
Are passing by the golden aura without a second to care...

I can hear the chirping sparrows that are serenading the day
Each one with their own sounding that sends the sorrows away
Oh the delicateness of the melodies that come from  birds so small
So many there are that will pass them without hearing them at all..

I can feel the earliest coolness that is seeping through the air
Its whispering the numerous messages that are circulating everywhere
In the lightness and in the breezes and in the gustiness of the wind
Eternity is saying " I love you's" over and over again..


For all our soldiers: a thank you please

Ducking from bullets  up overhead
Picking up wounded, picking up dead
Years of  great service all in a row
Veteran soldiers need to know

That their service wasn't in vain
Neither their suffering or their pain
Everything given nothing held back
All it was needed, that's a fact

Storms and catastrophes they were there
Boots on the ground or boots in the air
Putting out the fires or keeping the peace
For all the soldiers: a thank you please..

Monday, November 9, 2015

Early morning rains

Early morning rains are playing upon my window sill
I hear them as they dance: so soothing it is to heart and will
Oh the sound of rain: it's like an healing ointment on my mind
Peacefully it falls down and rests on everything it can find..

Splashing across the trees and playing upon the many plants
Softly falling rains invite the world to rise up and dance
Feel the rhythmic sounds and see the droplets as they fall
Every one of them is the same for they whisper out when they call

Feel the moistening flow: cooling droplets from the Heavens above
Touching us inside and echoing sentiments from the One Who is love
Providing  for us  night and day with an ever sparkling  flow
Of love and care and kindnesses which we have come to know

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Beautiful bursts of sunlight

Beautiful bursts of sunlight
are invading my inner room
Dancing about my kitchen
and quickly starting to zoom
Touching the furniture and appliances
 and making it possible to see
How wonderful it is to witness
the Divine One's artistry

Speaking to all of the universe
and inviting us all to rise
The Creator of the cosmos
and the Holder of the skies
Will shower us with His blessings
 and enable us with His grace
So that we might be able to ponder
the Divine-ness in every place

We are the observers of this greatness
 and we are moved by all we see:
Who, in the face of all the oceans,
or in the midst of the tossing sea
Can doubt the Eternalness of the Maker
or question the power that is
In everything that is created
here on earth and beyond all the bliss

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Speak only kind words...

Speak only kind words, the words that can heal
Avoid all the harsh ones that can inwardly kill
Be you, that person, who will always relay
Words that are soothing that brighten each day

Avoid all those tempters who will call and allure
Encouraging you to patterns that are unhealthy for sure
Inviting you to gossip and inviting you to say
Things that are destructive and bad for the day...

You are that hero, that hope for the alone
Carry your brightness into every single home
Speak with that sweetness that comes from above
And be you, that person that mirrors God's love

Friday, November 6, 2015

Through the viewing of the morning...

Golden rays of sunlight are draping across the sky
While shadows of the evening are slowly passing by
Sounds of the waking bird-lets and the early morning rush
Are mingling with the hours that the new winds start to touch..

Rising up  each morning, I pause to meditate
And think of all the wonders that'll greet me before eight
I hear the ruffling branches and can see the stretching trees
All the morning's treasures are whispering through the breeze

Even the most quiet of things,  those things I cannot view
Are creeping into the sunlight that is quietly passing through
The tiniest little violets and the most hidden little mites
Are contributing to the atmosphere that amazes and delights..

So pause with me each morning and take some time to think
Of all the marvelous wonderfulness we are privileged to drink..
Through the viewing of the morning and its early breaking hours
We are receiving the supplements that inspire us and empowers..


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Before the sun starts rising...

Before the sun starts rising look up at the sky
Millions of little star-lets are looking at you and I
A vast enormous blackness is stretching out so wide
While little bursts of lightness are dancing in the sky

Silent sounds and whisperings are riding in the air
Little voices of angels are echoing here and there
Inside the subtle breezes and in the rustling wind
Creation shares her stories and tells them over again

If the messages come in the silence and in the lack of noise
It's good that we would be silent and quiet down our voice
So that the wisdom of angels and of those who have gone before
Can create in us a cavern where life mysteries are adored...

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

From quiet places in the night

Starry nights are all lit up
without a cloud to block the view
Beautiful auras are radiating
from these lights for me and you
Quiet moment in the night time
 are speaking volumes to one and all
Listening carefully, we can hear them,
all the angels as they call

Somber settings may settle in now
 as the darkness starts to creep around
And we may wonder what kind of beauty
in such shadows can be found..
But in the absence of the noisiness
and in the quietness of the night
Is heard the whispers of those spirits
 who will lift us up in light

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Embrace all these moments

Embrace all these moments and savor this hour
Inhale every atom. every moleculed power
Listen intently and hear past the noise
Silence is speaking without any voice

Reach for the cosmos and touch all the stars
Hear every echo in this universe of ours
Whisper with reverence and join in the dance
Morning is singing and so are the plants

Hold every second, every moment today
Hear what is speaking in the most awesome way
Throughout all these minutes and all of the time
Mysteries are unfolding and inspiring the rhyme

Pause for that instant, that moment sublime
When secrets are present and blessing our time
Hear all their nuances their sweet frequencies
Great are their sounds, their grand symphonies