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Thursday, October 29, 2015

You are beautiful, you are..

You are beautiful, you are deserving,
 you are worthy of every good thing
Do not accept it, do not allow it,
 anything toxic or words that sting
For you were created and you were incarnated
 from the mind of a loving God
Take everything about you and everything  in you
 into a world that may not applaud

You have been through great things and through little things
 and through many a place
Do not allow discouragements or disappointments
to have their rule inside your space
For you are capable and  most able
to do almost anything you are wanting to
Anything outside you or around you are but
stepping stones to help you through

Take some moments now and some seconds now
to ponder over everything you have seen
There have been good days and some bad days
and some folks: both kind and mean
What you do now, from this instant,
and from this moment you are about to begin
Will be determined by your most inner beingness
securely knit so deep within...

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