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Saturday, October 24, 2015

We have enough

what is it that we are looking for
All around ourselves, in  every door?
What is it that we seek as true
We run and run till day is through

Each day we rise and run and run
Till day is through, till day is done
And at the end when we lie down
We're still uptight and hide our frown

The cash it flows and it never stays
The work is endless and long our days
Because we labor, work and stress
We find that time is less and less

When we step back and pause and plead
With our inner selves bout things we need
WE hardly mention it inside our voice
That freedom from bustling is our best choice

I think ]we are best when we are still
And in touch with our selves and how we feel
But we are so busy and so full of stuff
That we cannot hear that we have enough...

Then finally we see it: our grace is here
And everything we're chasing will disappear
For we've found our answer and our happiness
Inside of our spirits the purest bliss

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