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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Vision to see..

I have touched upon the woundedness of all humanity
In my silent moments of dreaming I was give the vision to  see
The peoples and the cities and the nations: one by one
Crying out to all of the Heavens for the outrages in them done

Across the many mile-lets and throughout the oceans wide
I could hear the many peoples that have cried and cried and cried
The bombings and the disasters and the famine and the greed
Have reached the heights of Heavens oh wont you  intercede..?

It could be said that they are foreigners; why is it I should care
But they are also the adopted ones of the One who gave us air
They fell into some misfortunes and into some hands unkind
Their voices and their heartaches are challenging to my mind..

What will we do, as a people, for these broken ones we see
From the people in our ghettos to the ones over there that flee
From the invaders of their countries and the rulers who are unfair
How can we keep on ignoring the brokenness  everywhere..

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