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Thursday, October 1, 2015

The path of Joaquin

Pouring showers have been pounding on the doors and window panes
Endless pelting continuous flowing from the Heavens come the rains
Oh the beauty and the soundings of the tones we chance to hear
All the creatures they are scampering too much for them this atmosphere

Up the coast line, slowly forming Hurricane Joaquin turns around
Winds are roaring and combining with  the waters he has found
Keep them safe Lord, all the peoples who will be in this one's path
Numbers tell us, that he's coming, with a punch that's carrying a wrath..

Hurricane season is so uncertain with its rainy weather sure to swell
All the coastlines and the beaches: so many stories they can tell
Of the weather and the waters that approach them day to day
Holy angels we are pleading be near the people who are in Joaquin's way...

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