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Friday, October 16, 2015

The big sale...

Slow down the moving and slow down the pace
Everything is spinning all over the place
The people, the running, the feeling afraid
Of losing those offers, those items on  parade

The rushing, the pushing, the mad dash around:
Grabbing and gasping over niceties found..
This one or that one or maybe over there
Sale items are moving and calling with care....

One hundred, two hundred, three hundred or four
We have to keep buying these treasures galore..
We're pulling out plastics, our visas, our cash
Shopping is a workout that will make us all crash...

When finally it's over:  the big shopping spree
We'll look at our buggies and count: one, two three..
The number of items,  the number of bags
Seem hardly realistic:  there' are so many tags.....

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