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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sensing the moments and feeling the time

Feel them, the hours; they're starting to wake.
See them,the atoms, as they're starting to create:
The moments, the seconds, the inchlets of time?
Everything is whispering some words for a rhyme..

Breathe in and relish it:  the newness of the day
So soothing and relaxing: this oxygenated way
That greets us, the sleepers, who are ready to rise
Magnificent the awesomeness displayed in the skies...

See it and savor it the beautifulness and more
Painted and stretched out from the sky to the floor
All of the creativeness and the energies so Divine
Are sparkling through the visions that on us do shine..

Oh taste it and savor it the sweetness of the dew
It's shining out and radiating the Heavens, its true
So secretly and so solemnly laid out before morn
Droplets of moisture mend what  weather has torn

Embrace them and hold them: these eternities of love
Descending from and transcending the boundaries above
Something so mysterious so challenging in them we find
Each morning we can ponder them they enlighten our mind..

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