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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Savor each moment

The early hours are entering into my sleepiness, now past
Trickles of the morning sun are leaving memories that will last
Sounds of singing birds, afar, are filtering through the air
Something about the early morn is whispering: "I do care.."

Cooler temperatures are arriving with the colorfulness of the fall
Warming colors and quieter tones are immersing us in so much awe
The crispness of the fallen leaves and the scampering of the squirrels
Remind us that there is something more than all of our aimless whirls

Taking the time we need each morning to savor the beauty  around
Is the sign of the purest gratitude that is not always so easily found
For we are, too often, caught up in self and the things that we must do
That we fail to notice the pricelessness of  each moment  we pass  through

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