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Friday, October 9, 2015

Oh, when will we listen..?

The stars in the sky are wanting to fall
Sighs from the sidewalks are starting to call
Violence and bloodshed and selfishness and greed
Somebody must stop this..Will somebody intercede...

The reasoning is wanting for all of this fight
People should be loving and doing what's right
But coldness is conquering and greatness is gone
All that we're viewing is a new kind of dawn...

The rivers of bloodshed are carrying away
Lives that have vanished and tomorrow's new day
For peoples are engaging in ways that are wrong
Chasing away angels and Heaven pure song..

Oh, when will we listen and when will we care
About  kindness and mercy and answers to prayer
The spirit is still whispering and ever so near
We have only to open up and be ready to hear..

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