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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

El Faro, the cargo ship

Sorrowful soundings, from the ocean are rising.
El Faro, the cargo ship, in winds so surprising:
Was lost in an instant and now there is crying.
From waters that held them, the echoes of the dying..

For a vessel of employees, the hurricane was deadly.
Like a messenger singing:the winds sang their medley:
Who could withstand it,  the overpowering  of Joaquin?
Eyes could not see it,  the destructiveness was unseen

Searching the waters, for remnants of El Faro:
Perhaps it will show up,  today or  tomorrow.?
The stories of struggling  the last minutes of breathing
Are lost in the whirlwind of the hurricane's deceiving..

Now we await  them:  the vessels of these spirits
Who vanished in the battle that pushed all their limits
Without any armory or weapons for the weather
These men went  united  in their last ride together

El Faro, El Faro we grieve for your downing
Each passenger and shipmate was resistant to drowning
But the winds wouldn't have it, and  the hurricane blasted
The blow that would end it, for all  who had lasted..

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