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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cool are the breezes that kiss me this morning

Cool are the breezes that kiss me this morning
Summer has left us and the wind is informing
That all of the seconds and all of the hours
Will soon become absent of the beautiful flowers.

Suddenly the green grass is starting to lighten;
Leaves are all falling as the fibers untighten.
Insects are scampering and running like crazy;
Seeking a warm place to rest and be lazy..

Autumn is with us and is kissing us  gently
Speaking of wisdom,  we should listen intently
To all of her soundings and of all her breezes
For Fall carries secrets that winter wind freezes.

Reach out and touch them every second and moment
Hold them all closely like gems you have chosen
Cherish them  carefully and carry them inside you
For hours of the Autumn will soon be a memory too

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