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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Caught up in a heartache

For Anna

This situation, this moment I dread
Challenges my spirit and aches in my head
I can't seem to shake it and can't seem to sleep
Help me dear angels; these waters are deep

All of my efforts and all of my time
Seem to be caught up in some places sublime
I can't get the answers and can't get relief
Heartaches are robbing my peace like a thief

I've tried every remedy and tried every cure
If there is a healing I'm hoping it'll occur
It there is an answer to all of my "Whys"
Tell me dear angels for great are my sighs..

I've walked through the moments and said every prayer
Hoping my anguish would disappear in the air
But luck hasn't blessed me and I'm still so afraid
Please dearest Angels I'm feeling betrayed..

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