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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

At the beach front

The rythmic rumble of all the waves
rolling into the shore
Echoes inside my seeking soul
and makes me desire for more
The music of the universe,
the soundings of the elements around
Speaks to me of the Omnipotent One
which inside each of these are found.

The softness of the sugary sand
and the dampness of the breeze
Inspires in me the poetic lines
which exist in all the seas
Gulls in flight and the endless view
of the ocean so bright and blue
Tells me things that angels see
which are relayed to me and you...

The time inside this quiet morn;
the sights,  the senses, the smells
Speak to me of eternity
and  the Diviness  that over swells
Thoughout all of the created ones and
in everywhere and every place:
Oh, the silence that speaks to us:
It's enamored with so much grace.

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