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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

With the first sign of light...

As the first rays of sunlight are trickling inside
And the sounds of the universe are rousing outside
I rise up and I listen and I hasten to hear:
Everything is moving throughout the atmosphere..

The sunlight is glistening and it is  touching us all
It's whispering through the breezes and it's readying to call
Each person and creature and element and plant
God's wisdom is speaking to us as the rest of us can't

Through movements of restlessness and staggering delay
Each of us is making ready  to embrace this new day
There's beauty and there's wonder and a variety galore
Just waiting for us patiently to open up our door..

The aromas of the  morning:  the  flowers and the trees
Are dancing upon the elements and riding through the breeze
They're touching us so inwardly and  moving us to see
That there's  so much more to be noticing: it's hard not to agree

We must all make an effort and we must all make a note
That  everything is whispering the words of God in quote
For everything that's around us and everything everywhere
Is a constant reminder of the One we see in our  prayer..

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