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Monday, September 14, 2015

Summer's slow departure

I saw a flock of geese today and there was frost upon the ground
A certain sense of nippiness was in the  breezes all around
Something, inside me, was telling me that the fall was drawing near
And the sounds of summer, once so loud, will suddenly disappear

The coolness of the autumn months and the colors soft and warm
Will overtake the flowery blooms that cause the bees to swarm
The crawling creatures of the earth will plan their wintry rest
While gathering up their food supplies, choosing the very best..

The grass is slowing down her growth and the ants are on the run
While mother earth is opening up: seeds fall in one by one
It is the ending  of another season and a time to bid farewell
To everything that is summery though we love it all so well..

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