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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Inhale the healing

Inhale the healing  that is riding in the wind of this brand new day
All of the molecules are working together to lead us into a better way...
Every one of the elements and plantlets stretching out across the land
Are carrying secrets to health and wholeness: do you really understand?

Helpful healers are emerging from the tiniest sprouts so green
Crying out to us to take notice of them in their places so unseen
Reaching out to us with the essense of all that is nourishing to our heart
All the plantlets are harboring elements most needed to give us a healing start

Must we pass them by each day inside of our whirlwinds of have to dos?
Is it possible that we might take notice of them and freely opt and choose
To rest our searching eyes and hungry spirits upon their path to peace
So that we might be able to know their energy and their therapeutic release...?

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