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Friday, September 4, 2015

In the hours passing by

The crickets are singing with the cicadas in the trees
Their echoes are riding  the barely blowing breeze
The lightness, the brightness, the blessings galore
Are some of the things that they're all singing for

Quietly the branches are reaching for the sky
On them are the colors of  the many who will fly..
Standing so nobly, so majestic, and so tall
The trees of the forest with their inner voices call..

Without any murmurings or soundings we can hear
The grasses and the meadows create an atmosphere
Of calmness and hopefulness and peacefulness too
All of creation is a continual "I love you"

The days and the minutes and the hours passing by
Speak to us of a wisdom that created you and I
Eternity, mortality and the uncreated Divine
Are becoming more together as the moments unwind..

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