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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Would you have love?

In this moment and in this hour
So much mystery, so much power
Slowly opening, slowly being
Past and present or not yet seeing

In the dew drops or in the rain
Dancing lightly or like a train
Carrying cargo precious jewels
For the heart where charity rules

See it vaguely or in full bloom;
It all depends where it finds room.
Love is is kind
Never found in the selfish mind..

Would you have it or would you not?
All depends on what you've got..
Are you selfish or are you free?
When you're giving what do you see?

Who is your enemy and who is loved?
Do you feel powerful when you've shoved
Someone weaker or someone poor:
Pleading mercy outside your door?

Something challenging in this rhyme
Makes you think you have no time
For this rambling without real order
From a poet in her disorder...

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