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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Open your windows...

Open your windows, and  look out and see
The morning is calling out to you and to me
Inhale the newness and breathe in the air
Let all of the beauty teach you to care

For in all of the creatures and plant life around
Eternity is giving and the Eternal One is found
All things are given to us and all things are ours:
The universe, the creatures, the sun and the stars.

The moment we wake up and rise from our sleep
We see all the givingness of this Creator Unique
Unselfish and limitless and loving us all
Everything's around us to help us recall

We are all His creatures and we are all loved
From sunrise to sunset we are all being thought of
So with dignity and kindness and all that is good
Let us live like His children and behave like we should

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