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Monday, August 24, 2015

Farewell Cliff

For our dear NAMI Durham member Cliff Brandt...RIP

Farewell dear Mr. Clifton . You were a very good man
You gave your life to many and did the best you can
Though times you had your sorrows, you tried to keep a smile
Now you can rest from worries and be with your mom awhile

The people who knew your kindness will miss you it is true
And though you had your troubles your had your blessings too
Ready to be the helper and the doer of many good deeds
You stretched your hands out freely to help with other's needs

A member of NAMI Durham and a champion of "the walk"
You gave yourself completely you were for us a rock
Sometimes you had your struggles but you also has your smile
You will be missed  most surely...enjoy your peace with style

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