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Saturday, August 1, 2015

And... allow ourselves to be awed

Have you ever noticed it: the early morning sky
The golden colors shouting out:  ready to testify?
Morning has finally broken and the warmth is all around:
We have only need to open up to hear the dancing sound

Every thing around us: yes, the plantlets and the trees
Whisper secrets undisclosed, riding on the breeze..
Something of the Infinite, in every created being
Lifts us beyond the visible.. to places we aren't seeing

Tapped into the secretness of what is not yet showing
The spiritual and the infinite is so ready for our knowing
Only without the shackles of the worldly ways of time
Can we grasp the Eternalness that makes our spirit rhyme

Only because we're willing to explore the opening day
Can we touch the untouchableness of the Infinite way
So we will wander from the path that isn't so often taken
And allow ourselves to be awed by the universal awakening

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