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Monday, August 31, 2015

Pouring rains

Soaking showers  pouring down
Dress the earth with flowing gown
All the sparkles of this rain
Can release some peace or pain

Stormy weather clouds this day
Coloring skies in dismal way
Though its grayish and so dim
Every raindrop can speak of Him..

While the clouds are dark and grey
Sombering shades make up the way
So that the traveler has to slow
Or the consequences come to know..

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Today, would you ...

Today would you be that smile that hope for some unknown other
Would you reach out to a stranger like your own sister or your brother
Would you be that ray of sunshine and that spark of hope and love
For someone else so unsuspecting, struggling to rise above

Would you need that flash of cameras that can give some sudden fame
Or would you be so truly humble as to keep hidden your own name
The day is still bright and early and the opportunities are all there
Would you go forward to find some recipient of your own unlimited care?

Step outside then this early morning with your resolution firm in mind
Go seeking out with good intention: the neediest  situation find
Without the need for any fan fare or some author to write and tell
Go do your deeds with  kindness and watch what the heart will well

Friday, August 28, 2015

in this stillness...

In this moment, in this ever evolving segment of time
Fully loaded with inspiration and soundings so sublime
Hear the voiceless they're singing out their simple melody
Countless angels serenading the whole of humanity..

In this silence, in these shadowy hours before the rising sun
Something's happening the entire universe is being redone
With the dew drops that are falling down like mana from the sky
Transforming dullness into something sparkly for you and I

Can you hear it the immensity of quietness filling up the air
Have you felt it the Eternity of Divineness that is everywhere
Only inside this stillness this ever evolving moment of time
Can you feel this intensity of interacting with the Great Divine

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What wonders unseen

Catch all the raindrops and hold them in your hand
Each one is disappearing, it's hard to understand
That once they have fallen and landed on the ground
Their mission is ended they're nowhere to be found

Breathe in the universe's breath of fresh air
The atoms and molecules are echoing God's care
Without ever seeing them creating the breeze:
The oxygen and hydrogen are ready to please...

The hands of the Omnipotent is orchestrating all:
Encouraging, uplifting: the great and the small
From morning to evening and in the quietness of night
The wish of the Creator is to give us delight.....

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Broken people passed by us

Broken people passed by us
We were too busy..too much fuss
They went on searching here and there
Is there anyone to really care..?

"We are all already in the light...??
See our Halo? Is it alright??.
Think we've done the most we can
What were you saying about that man??.."

Sometimes we've lost the love it's true
Though we claim: it's  what we do
Proof is in the one who's waiting
For some hope while we're debating..

It's time to look  at who we are
What we've been doing up to this far
Have we've begun to examine or see
That mission is nothing without charity?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Farewell Cliff

For our dear NAMI Durham member Cliff Brandt...RIP

Farewell dear Mr. Clifton . You were a very good man
You gave your life to many and did the best you can
Though times you had your sorrows, you tried to keep a smile
Now you can rest from worries and be with your mom awhile

The people who knew your kindness will miss you it is true
And though you had your troubles your had your blessings too
Ready to be the helper and the doer of many good deeds
You stretched your hands out freely to help with other's needs

A member of NAMI Durham and a champion of "the walk"
You gave yourself completely you were for us a rock
Sometimes you had your struggles but you also has your smile
You will be missed  most surely...enjoy your peace with style

The Inner Call

When it was evening I could hear you, your crying
Tear drops were flowing and quickly multiplying
Something so terrible was wounding you so deep
That it robbed you of calmness and robbed you of sleep

I wanted to say something but how could I ever say
That I heard you, your sighing, though you were miles away?
Wouldn't I seem so foolish or a bit out of my head?
I chose to keep this silent  and prayed for you instead

How can one ever  hide this,  this gift of  inner seeing
It's inwardly challenging and from it there's no fleeing
The Omnipotent, the Immortal has given to us all
Our inward assignments and the people who will call..

Sunday, August 23, 2015

With words we cannot hear

I looked outside my window to see what I can see
And a row of mighty pine trees were staring back at me
Reaching out so nobly and touching air and sky:
Each of them were whispering  words for you and I

Not the kind were use to; where, we can audibly hear
The consonants and syllables echoing in our ear;
But, rather the spirit language: universal as can be
Riding through the breezes to instruct both  you and me

This language of the universe,the very first of all:
Cries out from rocks and mountains and from the plants so small
It speaks through all the streamlets and from places everywhere
To let us know we're valued and in the Great One's care

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Would you have love?

In this moment and in this hour
So much mystery, so much power
Slowly opening, slowly being
Past and present or not yet seeing

In the dew drops or in the rain
Dancing lightly or like a train
Carrying cargo precious jewels
For the heart where charity rules

See it vaguely or in full bloom;
It all depends where it finds room.
Love is is kind
Never found in the selfish mind..

Would you have it or would you not?
All depends on what you've got..
Are you selfish or are you free?
When you're giving what do you see?

Who is your enemy and who is loved?
Do you feel powerful when you've shoved
Someone weaker or someone poor:
Pleading mercy outside your door?

Something challenging in this rhyme
Makes you think you have no time
For this rambling without real order
From a poet in her disorder...

Friday, August 21, 2015

Allow yourself this silence...

Oh the sound of nothingness piercing the break of day
Creatively it is inspiring and carving out a way
For the poet and the writer, the artist of any kind
To splash around some colors and create for human kind

Thus we see the sculptor and artist with brush in hand
Transforming the rock and canvas; enabling it to expand
Beyond the boundaries of appearance into the great unknown
Where beauty can find its meaning and messages can be sown

So it is for you to be silent and to be still inside your mind
So that the Great Inspirer can enable you to find
The talent that you are harboring and the courage to let it show
Inside a world so hungry for the things that you only know

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Seeing what cannot be seen

Hold onto the atoms that are riding in the breeze
Count up all the dew drops that brighten up the trees
Ponder over the mysteriousness of every  morning sun
Providence is providing for everything and everyone..

Listen to the silences that are serenading the hour
Hear how the Omnipotent is shouting from every flower
In everything and  everywhere the Eternal One Divine
Is radiating and enabling everything to have a shine.

When you see the sunlight  and it's opening up each day
What is it, that you are thinking.. do you kneel to pray
Are you moved to awesomeness or motivated to speak
In the early hours of morning.. what is it that you seek?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Heaven is true

In all of the breezes that move through the trees
Are all of the secrets that nobody sees
And in all of the whisperings that ride through the wind
Are wisdom and wonder and divinity within

We have only to listen and we have only to look
At all of creation, it's an  ongoing book
For without the need for pages or papers in  a ream
It communicates most clearly you know what I mean?

The colors, the textures, the elements that glow
Speak to us something, we're needing to know
The plant life, the animals, the unbreathing too
Are whispering in unison that Heaven is true

(Allah in the Muslim faith is same as saying "God".beautiful music)

Monday, August 17, 2015

While earth was still slumbering

I heard the silence that spoke through the air
Whispering the echoes of most awesome care
Sounds of the angels and sounds of The Divine
Were touching creation and this heart of mine.

I felt the Creator in the earliest of moments
Embracing my spirit with intentional slowness
Breathing the life breath and making the scene
Of Providence in action.. do you know what I mean?

While earth was still slumbering in moments so still
Dew drops were descending and carrying God's Will
Splashing on everything and speaking no word
Creation would be awakened by voices unheard

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Something to think about...

Close your eyes and close your mind
Silence your soul and leave fears behind
Explore the moment and explore the  time
That creates the poet and creates the rhyme

Touch the cosmos and reach the stars
Embrace the One who can erase the scars
Hear the angels and hear their song
This journey is passing it won't be long

Each day is busy and each day's unique
Sometime you'll wonder, sometime's you'll speak
In the moments, in the hours and the time passing by
You'll laugh and you'll love and you might even cry

One thing is important and one thing alone
How are you using the Love you've been shown?
For others or  for self  or for the glory of God..
We'll all give an account of the road that we trod.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

What we should share

Open up those curtains and look out and see
Beauty and wonder are displayed magically
Quiet is the aura and radiant is the sun
That warms and enables the growth of everyone

Hear it, the echoing; and taste all the dew
Sweetness from Heaven is surrounding me and you
Contemplate the silence that opens up each day
Nothing is ever spoken but everything can say:

Listen to us carefully.hear with inner ear
Wisdom is shouting out for everyone to hear
Not with the noisyness or the whirlwind of rush
But with  the tenderness of a tiny baby's touch

See it and hear it and sense it everywhere
The Spirit is moving and wanting us to share
The secretness, the wonder. the aweness of each day
These are the stories that we should really say

Friday, August 14, 2015

Recognizing the lie

Broken promises empty words
Fly so quickly like the birds
Easily spoken rarely done
Words unanchored on the run..

Read the energies, see the face
Truth is absent: such disgrace
Eyes are shaking, shift away
Deceiving words, cloud up the day..

Know the feelings, see the lie
Sense what's real or passing by
Inner senses, spirit too
Will reveal the lie to you

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Out of the silence

Out of the silence shouting out loud
All of creation is inviting this crowd
Creatures and plantlets and skies up above
Pointing out and echoing the secrets of Love

Down in the meadows and beneath all the brush
Creeping around slowly without need to rush
Insects and crawlers and movers of every kind
Speaking of wisdom that the seekers can find.

Witnessing quietly without  need for word
The rocks and the mountains are often unheard
But to the listener with the deep inner ear
Wisdom and wonder and what other's can't hear

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Nourishing the spirit

Sleep still hangs around my eyes
And shadows cover all the skies
So it isn't any big surprise
That the earth in silence patiently lies

But soon the morning star appears
And darkness suddenly disappears
And sounds of light and happy cheers
Come from the created ones: our peers

Creeping from the earth around
In the skies and on the ground
Countless created beings found
Joining voices and creating sound..

Peace and harmony on the earth
Sing the creatures with some mirth
But we the intelligent from our birth
Struggle to understand our worth

From the world outside and in
A Spirit speaks again and again
Of transformations wearing thin
A brand new world, we must begin

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sometimes the tears will flood the sky

Sometimes the tears will flood the sky
And touch the hearts of you and I
Seeing the hurt we will try our best
To bring the grieving some kind of rest

But we the helpless in our plight
Are left disabled in our fight
For justice, kindness, all that's good
Is left abandoned by those who should

Give to the broken some sort of love
That'll lift their spirits a bit above
Millions pass through hands so rich
While poor ones cry out from their ditch..

Saturday, August 8, 2015

The silence is saying

Somber the sounding of clouds that are graying
Raindrops and wind streams together are playing
They're dropping some droplets while pushing the air:
Everything's sparkling with moisture everywhere

Soothing the secrets that plantlets are saying
Silence is opening the mysteries displaying
Only the listening and unnoisy spirit
Are able and willing to inwardly hear it.

Hush for a moment the musings within you
Listen intensely to the deep Spirit's venue
Echoing uniquely the everlasting Uncreated One
Is reminding us daily that creation is still being done.

Friday, August 7, 2015

What I'm seeking

I don't seek the whirlwind of running here and there
And I'm not even really seeking the million dollar share
But, what it is I'm seeking is something deep inside
That gives me truth and wisdom about everything outside

You can have the  parties and you can have the fame
Even all of the lettering that brings attention to your name
But it isn't for me attractive and isn't what I  seek
For the vision of my happiness is where the angels speak

So I wander through this time line:  a pilgrim and a friend
I seek for something greater than things that have an end
If you will have my presence and accept who I must be
We can travel together into the timeless  fraternity

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Comes a time ..

Comes a time when all the fight
Will disappear into the night
When all the struggle to understand
Will slip  away like sliding sand

Sometimes it happens we see light
And everything is  clear to sight
The less we pull, the more we gain
Surrendering all,  we lose the pain

And as we walk and grow and see
The need to control will cease to be
Beneath the realm of trust and love
We will, then, see as God above..

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Morning's gift for me and you

Sparkling through the morning sky
Warming up to you and I
Is that star so bright and new
Morning's gift for me and you

Every day without a fail
Burning down the nightly trail
Of dew and darkness in a line
The sun keeps shining: all is fine..

Touch its radiance, if you will.
When you're silent, when you're still
Tell me if you've touched its glow
Held it briefly: want to know...

Something mysterious, something true
Is that everything's for me and you:
All created, wrapped in time
Source of wisdom, spark of rhyme.

Monday, August 3, 2015

We're all related

Look at the people who are everywhere around you
They are your family and your relatives: it is true
For though you haven't met them or spoken along the way
Each person is interconnected and is part of your day

You say it isn't  possible to see your sister and your  brother
In someone who is different than you by their culture or color
But if you are still claiming it:  that God is your Father
Everyone will become  kin to you: be they lighter or darker...

Enough with these prejudices ,  these marginalizations
Exclusive societies passed on through the generations
If you are a believer and a child of the Most High
Love is the only emblem you should be waving in the sky

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Open your windows...

Open your windows, and  look out and see
The morning is calling out to you and to me
Inhale the newness and breathe in the air
Let all of the beauty teach you to care

For in all of the creatures and plant life around
Eternity is giving and the Eternal One is found
All things are given to us and all things are ours:
The universe, the creatures, the sun and the stars.

The moment we wake up and rise from our sleep
We see all the givingness of this Creator Unique
Unselfish and limitless and loving us all
Everything's around us to help us recall

We are all His creatures and we are all loved
From sunrise to sunset we are all being thought of
So with dignity and kindness and all that is good
Let us live like His children and behave like we should

Saturday, August 1, 2015

And... allow ourselves to be awed

Have you ever noticed it: the early morning sky
The golden colors shouting out:  ready to testify?
Morning has finally broken and the warmth is all around:
We have only need to open up to hear the dancing sound

Every thing around us: yes, the plantlets and the trees
Whisper secrets undisclosed, riding on the breeze..
Something of the Infinite, in every created being
Lifts us beyond the visible.. to places we aren't seeing

Tapped into the secretness of what is not yet showing
The spiritual and the infinite is so ready for our knowing
Only without the shackles of the worldly ways of time
Can we grasp the Eternalness that makes our spirit rhyme

Only because we're willing to explore the opening day
Can we touch the untouchableness of the Infinite way
So we will wander from the path that isn't so often taken
And allow ourselves to be awed by the universal awakening