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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Watch the Heavens as they smile

(for my friend Regina who lost her mother)

Tears are falling from your eyes
And are caught up in the skies
Gone your loved one but she's near
Grieving only helps us here.

Now she's smiling and at rest
With the Eternal One Most Best
Comforting energies she will send
So your broken hearts can mend.

Years of waiting for this time
She's in heavenly places sublime
Worries, troubles, all are gone
Like the dew drops on the lawn..

Watch the heavens as they smile
They've been waiting for some while
Marcella lived a life most dear
Gone to Heaven, but still here..

Now for you who still remain
Find some comfort in your pain
Knowing  happiness awaits us too
Like Marcella we'll pass through...

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