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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Times that are timeless

In all of  my breathing and in all of the air
In all of the created world, in everything everywhere
In all of the humanity and in all of the earth
The Spirit is speaking to us and giving us rebirth..

In all of  the quietness and in streams that gently flow
In all of the rainstorms and in  winds that greatly blow
In every sound  of the rising waves and inside every tree
Eternity is speaking to us and inviting us to see...

In all of the beautifulness and in everything that's not
In sounds of the crying earth and in the chaos that is wrought
In all of the cosmic sky, and in all of the created
Heaven is reminding  us that we're all so related...

In all of the confusing times and in all of the seeing
In times that are so peaceful and those times that we're fleeing
In all of the populated worlds and in all of the silence
Echoes of the Creative Source  are speaking times that are timeless.

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