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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

There's always an angel....

Know this for certain, you're never alone
Even when emptiness is invading your home
There's always an angel and always some grace
To lift you, to guide you, to stand in your place.

Reach out then when lonely and touch all the sky
And hear them the angels who watch you and I
They're present, they're whispering, they're calling your name
Comfort is present and awaiting your claim.

No one can be lonely who understands God
He's present and forever on the road we all trod
And if it's not obvious it is still ever true
That He's given us an angel for all that we do..

So whenever you're lonely or feeling that way
Call out to your angel who'll rescue the day
With vision and brightness and words ever dear
He'll be your protector and cast away fear

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