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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Meant to hear...

There is an echoing inside this moment that we are meant to hear
Coming down from the Heavenly portals is a most tranquil atmosphere
Speaking the sounds of eternity and whispering a love divine
Each atom is a sacred ambassador sent out to this heart of mine.

In the twinkling hours of the morning before the sun begins to shine
Countless hosts of angels are creating some artwork with time
Speaking the words of the Eternal and looking over everyone who sleeps
These spirits are carrying the oasis that every thirsty spirit seeks..

Upon waking from our nightly respite our spirits are off to fuss
We wrestle with our outward appearance and get into all kinds of crazy stuff
But if we would just take but a few moments to silence our being in time
We would find the peace of the Creator is ready to create in us some rhyme

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