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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Early hours

In the winds that keep on whispering throughout the span I see
The echoes of the Infinite Almighty are transporting Eternity
Carrying the touch of the Eternal and touching everything that's not
Breezes are carrying the wisdom that the wisest people have sought

While the daylight's touch is appearing and the night shadows are no more
Something of the great nocturnal is still creeping across earth's floor
Like an army that is in its retreat mode or an enemy that's on the run
These droplets from the evening shower are now  disappearing one by one...

The need to be truly silent is evident in the silencing within
Its challenging the earliest riser to be willing to let the Spirit begin
To be speaking in the innermost caverns of the soul's most delightful retreat
Where everything's  brought into perspective and toxins experience their defeat

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