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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Calling out the lie...

This is your moment now: your day of  all days
Don't let the naysayers keep blocking your ways
You are the only one who's affecting your glow
So keep on pushing forward, no matter how slow...

Yes you are the only one  competing against you
You are your only challenge  in everything you do
You are a winner no matter what's going wrong
No one is your competition in this journey so long..

So stop comparing qualities and be happy "to be"
Nobody else can be like  you or  see what you see.
Then you'll be happy despite all  you've been  told
Competition is a fallacy : lets write it in bold....

For each of us is created so uniquely unique
Each one of us has mannerisms and ways we will speak
No two persons are  created or fashioned the same
So how can we call it fairness: competing in a game?

It's all a big show for the ones with the dough
No one is ever going to encourage the ones going slow
Despite all of the challenges each person's going through
The winner is the one with the ribbons: it's true?

But what if there was someone who would call out the lie
All rivalries are foolish and the contests: why try
You are working till you're dying and trying to compete
What if  you could be happy just accepting defeat?

Who would be the winner if the winner was the one
Who saw that these competitions shouldn't ever  be done
That being the individual and being happy to  rest
Is  more deserving of laurels  and the determining test..

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