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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Before anything else..

Open your eyes and open your heart
Hear what is silent and see what's your part
Only the willing and open to God
Can see what is foolish or deserving our nod

Too much is the speaking and too little the peace:
We're ready for fighting and striving for these
The cameras the lighting the fan fare galore
We're racing and racing but don't know what for..

The daylight's a signal; we're starting to run
The sun cannot rise up before we've begun
The planning, the juggling: the great travesty
We're running and running and unable to see.

The star of the morning the touch of the breeze
Moving the branches and leaves on the trees
The tiniest plantlets, the grandest of seas
Are all of them inviting "please notice us please"?

In the quiet  and calmness, in the absence of noise
A whispering, an echoing of eternity's Voice
The simplest of creatures and the greatest of all
Will cry out without shouting in voices so small..

So take time to listen and silence your ways
Before everything happens give God His due praise
Then you'll be peaceful and then you'll succeed
In everything and everywhere: this God has decreed..

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