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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

All together, we're His tapestry

Cloudy skies will dim the light
And soften tones that are too bright
Bringing blessings in the rain
Gently watering, soothing pain..

Mother earth so parched and dry
Sends her  petitions way up high
And responding with  His Power
Eternal Omnipotence gives the shower..

Thunder clapping, lightning too
Displays its wonder for me and  you
Shaking, sounding: clouds out loud
Make  their statements for the crowd

In all the world and  everywhere
Words of providence fill  the air
Sometimes raining, sometimes not
But all receiving what they ought..

Just remember and  take note
Everything is but One Stroke
Creating an image for all to see:
All together, we're  His tapestry

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