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Saturday, July 25, 2015

All along the way

Let me hold all the minutes and touch all the sky
Let me gather the raindrops and dew passing by
Let me hear all the whispers, the call of the land
In all of the breezes, help me now understand

In everything  everywhere, one spirit unites
The hearts, the creations; the days and the nights..
In everything  breathing and everything that's not
The imprint of Eternity, the Spirit of God..

Hush all  your thinking  and silence your way
Hear what the universe is trying to say
The sweetness, the flowers, the blueness above:
All things created are speaking God's love..

So treasure them, the created, as many they are:
The beautiful around you, the cosmos up far.
Grasping at the gift-ness and the enormous display
Is touching the Infinite all along the way

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