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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Before anything else..

Open your eyes and open your heart
Hear what is silent and see what's your part
Only the willing and open to God
Can see what is foolish or deserving our nod

Too much is the speaking and too little the peace:
We're ready for fighting and striving for these
The cameras the lighting the fan fare galore
We're racing and racing but don't know what for..

The daylight's a signal; we're starting to run
The sun cannot rise up before we've begun
The planning, the juggling: the great travesty
We're running and running and unable to see.

The star of the morning the touch of the breeze
Moving the branches and leaves on the trees
The tiniest plantlets, the grandest of seas
Are all of them inviting "please notice us please"?

In the quiet  and calmness, in the absence of noise
A whispering, an echoing of eternity's Voice
The simplest of creatures and the greatest of all
Will cry out without shouting in voices so small..

So take time to listen and silence your ways
Before everything happens give God His due praise
Then you'll be peaceful and then you'll succeed
In everything and everywhere: this God has decreed..

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Midday pause

Take a few moments and pause for right now
Touch every element and every atom some how
Hold in your fingers and feel  with your touch
Proof of the Omnipotent who loves you so much

Reach through the breezes and bring in the air
See if you can hold it: the omnipresent care
Listen to the whisperings and silence the noise
From everything created comes an uncreated voice

Stand inside the quietness the emptiness of space
And see what isn't visible the ever working grace
Visualize the peacefulness and see it deep within
Let everything disruptive disappear and thin..

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Let it all out now...

I saw all those tear drops that splashed on the floor
And all of those heartbreaks that made you feel sore
I saw every sorrow and I could feel every fear
That you kept inside you till no one was near.

So let it all out now and release every pain
Don't let all that brokenness inside  you remain
Free all of those captive ones, let them all free
Healing will take place in you; just stay here with Me.

The other day's problems were mounting up high
People were heartless and they caused you to cry
Foolishly they snubbed and treated you wrong
Ignored all your efforts and said you don't belong

So let it all out now and release every pain
Don't let all that brokenness inside  you remain
Free all of those captive ones, let them all free
Healing will take place in you; just stay here with Me.

Tomorrow hasn't come yet and today is your day
Don't let the cruelty of others  get into your way
If someone doesn't respect you and treats you with disdain
Walk away from this person and do not remain..

So let it all out now and release every pain
Don't let all that brokenness inside  you remain
Free all of those captive ones, let them all free
Healing will take place in you; just stay here with Me.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Before the storm

Out of words and out of time
Silence writes a moving rhyme
Nothing spoken, nothing heard
Just some movements  from a bird

Skies are quiet ground is dry
Clouds are ruling in the sky
Something challenging coming near
Rounds of thunder soon we'll hear.

Climbing temperatures  baking day
Sizzling rocks along the way
Charging elements making storm
Cooler breezes touch the warm

Sunday, July 26, 2015

I'm always near

Bring here your worries right next to my heart
Rest here beside Me and never more depart
Whisper your secrets and tell Me your hurt
I will protect you from dangers that lurk.

For I am Savior and I am your Friend
I am Your beginning but never Your end
In Me your Protector you shouldn't have fear
For I'm your Forever and I'm always near.

I know that you're hurting and weeping inside
Things that have happened have caused you to hide
People you've trusted have been proven untrue
Come here beside Me;  I'll take care of you

For I am your Savior and I am your Friend
I am Your beginning but never Your end
In Me your Protector you shouldn't have fear
For I'm your Forever and I'm always near.

Take time to consider it: how much you are loved
You are being invited but never being shoved
Freedom is of the Infinite; the opposite is not
Will you live now this freeness,  My Life Blood has bought?

For I am your Savior and I am your Friend
I am Your beginning but never your end
In Me your Protector you shouldn't have fear
For I'm your Forever and I'm always near.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

All along the way

Let me hold all the minutes and touch all the sky
Let me gather the raindrops and dew passing by
Let me hear all the whispers, the call of the land
In all of the breezes, help me now understand

In everything  everywhere, one spirit unites
The hearts, the creations; the days and the nights..
In everything  breathing and everything that's not
The imprint of Eternity, the Spirit of God..

Hush all  your thinking  and silence your way
Hear what the universe is trying to say
The sweetness, the flowers, the blueness above:
All things created are speaking God's love..

So treasure them, the created, as many they are:
The beautiful around you, the cosmos up far.
Grasping at the gift-ness and the enormous display
Is touching the Infinite all along the way

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sprinkles from Heaven

Softly the raindrops fall on the soil
Cooling the environment, soothing like oil
See how they're splashing and hear how they fall
Each one is echoing the Infinite One's calls

So heal, heal, heal and heal:
This is the ointment that's free and for real.
Fortifying, sanctifying, making you whole:
These  are the mixtures you need for your soul...

Quiet the moistening and sure is the spot
Holding these emblems arrayed with God's thought
Each one is glowing and each one can deal
Everything the Almighty is wanting us to feel:

So heal,heal,heal and heal
This is the ointment that's free and for real
Fortifying, sanctifying, making you whole:
These are the mixtures you need for your soul

Something is happening, I can feel it within
Peace is invading my thoughts as they begin
Happiness so perfect and a happiness Divine
Sprinkles from Heaven:  oasis of mine

So heal, heal, heal and heal:
This is the ointment that's free and for real
Fortifying, sanctifying, making you  whole:
These are the mixtures you need for your soul

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

There's always an angel....

Know this for certain, you're never alone
Even when emptiness is invading your home
There's always an angel and always some grace
To lift you, to guide you, to stand in your place.

Reach out then when lonely and touch all the sky
And hear them the angels who watch you and I
They're present, they're whispering, they're calling your name
Comfort is present and awaiting your claim.

No one can be lonely who understands God
He's present and forever on the road we all trod
And if it's not obvious it is still ever true
That He's given us an angel for all that we do..

So whenever you're lonely or feeling that way
Call out to your angel who'll rescue the day
With vision and brightness and words ever dear
He'll be your protector and cast away fear

Watch the Heavens as they smile

(for my friend Regina who lost her mother)

Tears are falling from your eyes
And are caught up in the skies
Gone your loved one but she's near
Grieving only helps us here.

Now she's smiling and at rest
With the Eternal One Most Best
Comforting energies she will send
So your broken hearts can mend.

Years of waiting for this time
She's in heavenly places sublime
Worries, troubles, all are gone
Like the dew drops on the lawn..

Watch the heavens as they smile
They've been waiting for some while
Marcella lived a life most dear
Gone to Heaven, but still here..

Now for you who still remain
Find some comfort in your pain
Knowing  happiness awaits us too
Like Marcella we'll pass through...

Monday, July 20, 2015

Great instructors of the soul

Slowly permeating all the air
Quiet signs of loving care
Touching thirsty plants with love
Tiny dew drops from above..

Resting lightly on the plants
All the droplets start to dance
Causing sparkles here and there
Shining  on with radiant care.

Feel them softly on the breeze
All these atoms move with ease
Carrying echoes far and wide
Every molecule sings with pride

Listen up and hear the call
Silence has its voice in all
In the moving rush of wind
Or in whispers deep within..

Quietly speaking, crying out
Never wanting to boast or shout
Great instructors of our soul
Shake the ground and status quo..

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Times that are timeless

In all of  my breathing and in all of the air
In all of the created world, in everything everywhere
In all of the humanity and in all of the earth
The Spirit is speaking to us and giving us rebirth..

In all of  the quietness and in streams that gently flow
In all of the rainstorms and in  winds that greatly blow
In every sound  of the rising waves and inside every tree
Eternity is speaking to us and inviting us to see...

In all of the beautifulness and in everything that's not
In sounds of the crying earth and in the chaos that is wrought
In all of the cosmic sky, and in all of the created
Heaven is reminding  us that we're all so related...

In all of the confusing times and in all of the seeing
In times that are so peaceful and those times that we're fleeing
In all of the populated worlds and in all of the silence
Echoes of the Creative Source  are speaking times that are timeless.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Calling out the lie...

This is your moment now: your day of  all days
Don't let the naysayers keep blocking your ways
You are the only one who's affecting your glow
So keep on pushing forward, no matter how slow...

Yes you are the only one  competing against you
You are your only challenge  in everything you do
You are a winner no matter what's going wrong
No one is your competition in this journey so long..

So stop comparing qualities and be happy "to be"
Nobody else can be like  you or  see what you see.
Then you'll be happy despite all  you've been  told
Competition is a fallacy : lets write it in bold....

For each of us is created so uniquely unique
Each one of us has mannerisms and ways we will speak
No two persons are  created or fashioned the same
So how can we call it fairness: competing in a game?

It's all a big show for the ones with the dough
No one is ever going to encourage the ones going slow
Despite all of the challenges each person's going through
The winner is the one with the ribbons: it's true?

But what if there was someone who would call out the lie
All rivalries are foolish and the contests: why try
You are working till you're dying and trying to compete
What if  you could be happy just accepting defeat?

Who would be the winner if the winner was the one
Who saw that these competitions shouldn't ever  be done
That being the individual and being happy to  rest
Is  more deserving of laurels  and the determining test..

Friday, July 17, 2015

Early morning moments

I talked with the elements the creatures and the sea
I heard the universe calling out and inviting me
In every one of their movements, the wind and the breeze
Were revealing all their secrets and sharing mysteries

While I was still listening and trying to be aware
I saw the many creatures: they were romping every where
Though they were at a distance and were difficult to see
I could feel them speaking and communicating with me

Do you see them dancing the elements and the time
Joining hands together they create the mystic rhyme
Whispering through the plantlets and echoing through the all
All creation is singing and echoing Eternity's call

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Meant to hear...

There is an echoing inside this moment that we are meant to hear
Coming down from the Heavenly portals is a most tranquil atmosphere
Speaking the sounds of eternity and whispering a love divine
Each atom is a sacred ambassador sent out to this heart of mine.

In the twinkling hours of the morning before the sun begins to shine
Countless hosts of angels are creating some artwork with time
Speaking the words of the Eternal and looking over everyone who sleeps
These spirits are carrying the oasis that every thirsty spirit seeks..

Upon waking from our nightly respite our spirits are off to fuss
We wrestle with our outward appearance and get into all kinds of crazy stuff
But if we would just take but a few moments to silence our being in time
We would find the peace of the Creator is ready to create in us some rhyme

Monday, July 13, 2015

More than falling raindrops

The Heavens are opened and on us descends
A hundred thousand raindrops with voices from all ends
Sobbing and laughing and echoing from near and far
Each raindrop is a messenger calling us from where we are..

It soaks into the crevices where our mother earth does lie
She can feel them: all her peoples; and with the Heavens cries
What is is we are becoming and what is this I can hear?
My children are not behaving like the peaceful atmosphere..

All the earth becomes glowing with droplets that have fallen
And as they lie there peacefully to everyone they're calling..
Unite yourselves in peacefulness and turn away from every war
Or there'll be more than raindrops coming out of Heaven's door.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Peace forever: near and far

Hear the soundings in the air
Moving here and moving there
Whispering quietly, silently
Speaking softly to you and me

In the movements all unseen
Dancing softly on the green
Wisdom singing all aglow
Things that you and I should know

Not with words that we arrange
Does the call come for some change
But with soundings deep within
We're all invited to rebegin

Back to ages so serene
Free from hateful acts so mean
Sounds of unity, sounds of awe
Painting images Eden saw

No more fighting no more hate
All agree to not debate
All injustice we'll  disbar
Peace forever: near and far.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Fact versus fiction

I could see the rainbow even while it was still raining
And I could feel  healing though wounds were still remaining
Hopes for the new tomorrow were making ready to appear
Though memories of the darkness were still invading the atmosphere

Discouragement was encircling but the encouragers drew near me
Naysayers were presenting but the truth was enabling me to see
Something of the wrongness that was trying to  ensnare my heart
So I held onto the Spirit Who would make all of this foolishness depart

Beyond what is visible is a world so everlasting
More valuable than all treasures is a silence that keeps blasting
Listen to it most carefully in the depthness of your soul
Everything is  but a springboard and Heaven's your only goal

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Take moments, start listening...

Oh how the silence breaks out with a melody
As soon as the morning is laying her tapestry
A sonata of soundings a collections of voices
We hear it the creatures producing their noises

If we would but listen and silence our being
We would be able to see without seeing
Witnessing visions and touching on mysteries
Dawn would be bringing us healing for injuries

Not with the words of some audible transmission
Do we hear it the uttering of this rising rendition
Coming out in full power from the creative existence
The flowers, the fields are now singing from a distance

Each morning, each evening, each hour of the night time
Words will flow out from the universe like poetic rhyme
Take  moments, start listening: the silence is breathing
Fill up your inner spirit with all that it is needing.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Early hours

In the winds that keep on whispering throughout the span I see
The echoes of the Infinite Almighty are transporting Eternity
Carrying the touch of the Eternal and touching everything that's not
Breezes are carrying the wisdom that the wisest people have sought

While the daylight's touch is appearing and the night shadows are no more
Something of the great nocturnal is still creeping across earth's floor
Like an army that is in its retreat mode or an enemy that's on the run
These droplets from the evening shower are now  disappearing one by one...

The need to be truly silent is evident in the silencing within
Its challenging the earliest riser to be willing to let the Spirit begin
To be speaking in the innermost caverns of the soul's most delightful retreat
Where everything's  brought into perspective and toxins experience their defeat

Monday, July 6, 2015

True Giving

This is the moment now and later may never come to be
The world's needing kindness and your kind of specialty
Give without our worrying and never look over to see
Who is applauding you and your work for humanity

Would you be the generous one: the one who is a giver..
Then don't call out the media in order to look the bigger
Give without shouting it and continue with your living
Like one with the working class who struggle with their existing

There is a truer greatness that comes without the noticing
So consider in your being-ness the reason for your focusing
On what the others may be noticing and what they may not be seeing
For from all of this crazy fanfare the truest giver would be fleeing

Saturday, July 4, 2015

I hope you can find some red, white and blue

Today I hope you can find it: some red white and blue
Drumming away  in the center of you .
For .its what makes us Americans and makes us the  land
Where liberty and justice and freedom still stand..

I know you cannot really be it.. that big bad humbug
That'll pass away this holiday inside of  some virtual rug..
So jump up and be  silliness and say "who really cares
If I look like the fireworks and sound like the bears...

For its a time for the celebrating and time for the wine :
So bring out those burgers and  let us all dine
For way back in history this day was made so great
By fighters for freedom memorializing this date

Friday, July 3, 2015

In everything, everywhere

The morning has been slipping in and calling out to me
Whispering through the breezes and the earth and the tree
Shining through the branches and riding on the sun
The dawn has been welcoming and encircling everyone

What will we be doing with it: the energy and the day
How will we be appreciating it and  what will we say?
Will we keep on using it and never ever  see:
The beautifulness, the radiance, the whole tapestry...?

Too often we are rushing it and too often we will  race
We are passing through the moments and we miss every grace
Bursting through the elements and the atoms and the air
An enormous part of  Eternal-ness is in everything everywhere

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

All together, we're His tapestry

Cloudy skies will dim the light
And soften tones that are too bright
Bringing blessings in the rain
Gently watering, soothing pain..

Mother earth so parched and dry
Sends her  petitions way up high
And responding with  His Power
Eternal Omnipotence gives the shower..

Thunder clapping, lightning too
Displays its wonder for me and  you
Shaking, sounding: clouds out loud
Make  their statements for the crowd

In all the world and  everywhere
Words of providence fill  the air
Sometimes raining, sometimes not
But all receiving what they ought..

Just remember and  take note
Everything is but One Stroke
Creating an image for all to see:
All together, we're  His tapestry