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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Whatever the weather...

In all of this hotness I am finding some refreshment
For deep down in my spirit is this intimate arrangement
Tapping into the depths of this everlasting sweetness
I can walk through this nonsense and all of this heatness

Yes it is summer and the temperatures are climbing
The temptation to become lazy is challenging my rhyming
But it will not be hindering me or leading me to  laziness
I will keep on with my writing despite all of this craziness

Can you not hear it that deep river flowing
Challenging and inviting and ready for our knowing
Taste of its waters and refreshed you will always be
Even in the temperatures that are soaring  beyond ninety-three

In every situation and in all kinds of weather
We have it within us the tools to un-tether
The shackles, the  bindings that keep us depressing
We are not meant to be victims of this spirit that's pressing

(c) joy pachowicz 2015 ... no poems can be used or copied without permission of this blog write ..thank you for understanding..

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