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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Take time to see it...

There is a beauty to be discovered each and every day
In the atoms and the molecules some story they need to say
Riding the roaring waters or floating upon the breeze
Eternity is sending messengers that touch upon the trees

Opening up the morning with its bright and glowing shine
The rising star of morning is touching this heart of mine
Speaking to me of the forever-ness of  lands so far away
This beautiful ball of fire is signalling the start of day.

Throughout the busy whirlwind of the maddening morning rush
Quiet sounds of serenity are dropping their soothing touch
But we with all our busy-ness our have to's and our plans
Aren't able to hold this beauty that is given with Loving Hands.

So would we stop a moment or two to ponder the gifts at hand
Or would we take the time to see the richly decorated land
A masterpiece of beauty that's carrying more than we can see
Is inside of every element and inside of you and  me...

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