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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My backyard...

In my backyard a paradise is what I can see
A little bit more than a bird and a tree
A forest of pine trees and other kinds too
I have even took notice of a fox passing through

There's beauty and insects and butterflies galore
A sandy sand crawling to create me a floor
A backdrop of blueness with clouds passing by
I take in this vision and am crying out "oh my"

The kitties by windows with sparkling wide eyes
Are always on the look out for some sort of surprise
With windows between them and the great big outdoors
They're hoping their waving will earn them some scores

Each morning's a masterpiece and  a beautiful array
Of colorful splashes initiating the day
I'm happy to see it and wish it could stay
But I must let it go and be off on my way...

(c) joy pachowicz 2015 ... no poems can be used or copied without permission of this blog write ..thank you for understanding...

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