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Monday, June 22, 2015

Just for a moment

Stop for a moment and welcome this newness
See how the sunlight is overtaking  the  darkness
Brightning the universe and glowing without sound
The sun is the energy in everything that is found

Hear it: the whispering, the wind and the breezes
Opening up the morning with the most eloquent thesis
Only the most silent the ones willing to be still
Will hear them, the messages: in  heart and the will

You needn't not hurry up so much in the morning
The beauty, the radiance, will pass without warning
Take but a few ones, some moments to see it
The sparkling of Eternity displayed for your spirit...

Disclaimer All poetry and posts are written by Joy Pachowicz. Any one using a poem or wanting to quote from this blog should first seek permission by author. Permission can be sought by email at 888-262-3334

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