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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Is it all worth it??

Is it all worth it those tears and those sighs?
Working such hours: is it really so wise?
You're broken, you're beaten, you're totally spent:
You're trying to keep up with the bills and the rent.

Is it all worth it: the status you seek
You gain a few dollars and some mighty sore feet..
Unable to enjoy it:  you're sore to the bone
Wouldn't it be better to get yourself home?

The few extra dollars.. the extra degree
When everything's over what is it you see...
The reflection of tiredness.. the eyes dark and dim
You're worn out and dragging and dreading it within

The acceptance you're seeking:  the hip hip hurrah
Is something so's fleeting as straw
Because you're enveloped by exhaustion so deep
When it is all over you'll  be wanting to sleep.

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