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Monday, June 29, 2015

In a place unspoken ( for you who are broken)

Are you utterly bruised and broken
Totally lost in a place unspoken
Frozen inside some other time
Where you are the victim of a terrible crime ...?

Have you been  stuck in the motion of feeling it
That giving up on your pierced and aching spirit
You cannot even begin to  stretch or rise up
Because of what was inside your crippling cup?

No one ever really seems to "get you"
Or what you have been made to go through
Many are saying that they are  wanting  to
But cannot get past all of their judgments of you?

You must be therefore your very first savior
And push off the false ones who would allure
Promising you the answers to everything
But not  really in the mood for listening....

So now it is time for you to give into some crying
Letting go of  all that you have been so carefully denying
The words and the screams and the many yesterdays
That have kept you inside of so many of life's delays

         Healing comes with saying it's real, it happened.  and 
it's okay to cry ..  because your spirit..your mind.. your heart
was put through a terrible imprisonment and now.. you are letting
yourself  and them go free...

All poems belong to Joy Pachowicz.. no copying of or reprinting of without permission..

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