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Monday, May 25, 2015

We're grateful and thankful for all you have done

For all who have fallen when fighting for right
Who made that last sacrifice and fought that last fight
Who gave of their life's blood and surrendered their all
This day is to honor them and help us  recall.

The wars and the battles throughout all the years
Created our heroes that left us in tears
Unable to return to us succumbing to war
Memorial day welcomes them back to us once more

The flowers and families that gather this day
Say to the departed what we wanted to say
We're grateful and thankful for all you have done
But wish that those battles had never begun...

For all of those soldiers who never came back
We call up those memories that enveloped that act
That held your last moments and held your last day
You  sacrificed everything, what more can we say

Thank you and bless you for giving up your all
For breathing your last moments in response to a call
To protect us and everyone from those who do wrong
You'll always be remembered in verse and in song.

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