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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The secrets of daybreak

I hear them, the crickets, and the kitchen clock ticking:
Together they're making me a melody most sticking..
A rhythm so soothing and a rhythm in time:
Inspiring me and guiding me into a new rhyme..

The darkness still lingers and the sun hasn't risen
The morning's releasing the day with her mission:
Slowly she's emerging  beneath the sun shining:
Dawn is awakening and everything's aligning..

Creeping so slowly, the first beams of morning
Are tapping the universe without need for a warning..
Warming up to everything: the plant-lets and trees
Are inhaling the energy that rides on  the breeze

Can you  not hear it ...the voices of Springtime:
Are riding the moments that create for us new rhyme..
Touching the atmosphere and speaking without noise
The lovely spring mother isn't  needing a voice..

Slow down your motions and pick up the rhythm
That balances the universe without need for division
Moving the elements and the particles together
Eternity has created what war can't ever sever...

Can you not get them, the secrets of day break
By silencing your actions and readying for  intake?
All of the universe and all of the Heavens
Are giving whats necessary in a matter of seconds..

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