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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The imbalance of "not working together"...

The earth she is quaking and the waters are overflowing
Rivers are now appearing where the land was once showing
The people are all weeping and the children are all running
Beneath all the rattle of the machine gunners gunning

The twisters and the monsoons and the hurricanes and the weather
Are all speaking  to us of the imbalance of "not working together"
The peacefulness and the kindness are now all taken up by the greed
Of the nations and the  leaders who are refusing to feed.

See how the emblems  are all waving on the catastrophes
Foolishness and warring are demolishing all the democracies
Who is it. we are following if the end result is this destructiveness
Tell me, if you will now, what God would encourage such  heartlessness?

we need to stop warring ..we are setting the whole universe on 

a downward spiral . peace begets peace..war begets destruction...

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