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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

That quiet light..

It isn't the boastful whose voice always gets heard
And it isn't the pushy who always gets in the last word
But  rather its that quiet light, that shining star of grace
That moves all the mountains and makes Heaven its place

So don't step on the other just to get yourself seen
And to get what you're wanting  don't be acting so mean
For the simple and the silenct just as much as the great
Can be creating transformations without need to deflate

Thus give of your kindness and share without greed
Extend yourself freely and take notice of need
For the Giver and the Lover and the Mover of all things
Will bless every person who's an angel without wings..

Video: young Sawyer Fredericks singing "Old Man"
              (winner of  The Voice 2015)

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