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Friday, May 1, 2015

Clouds of gray and frightening colors

Clouds of gray and frightening colors linger over the sky today
Holding hands they gather together ominous sounds come from their way
Rumbling clashes make our thunder shaking up the earth around
Though this seems a bit more darkening there is goodness to be found

For the seed beneath the soil finds its help in all of this noise
Breaking shells and softening hard earth thunder help the seed  rejoice
Poking through this storm of darkness sprouts of hope are everywhere
Without clouds and without thunder so much beauty we could not share

So sit there now and enjoy the lightning..allow yourself the joy and awe
In the thunder and in winds blowing, Sacred Providence is loving all
Thunder storms with rain clouds joining sing to  us a song of peace
Washing earth and breaking barriers signs of new life now release..

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